CGEIT® - Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT

CGEIT Exam Preparatory Training

CGEIT® recognizes a wide range of professionals for their knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices. As a CGEIT certified professional, you demonstrate that you are capable of bringing IT governance into an organization—that you grasp the complex subject holistically, and therefore, enhance value to the enterprise

CGEIT® provides you the credibility to discuss critical issues around governance and strategic alignment, and the traction to consider a move to the C-suite, if you aren't already there.

Demonstrate the ability to deliver quality governance

CGEIT® Exam Preparatory Training

This training is intended for CGEIT aspirants for guidance on the topics and to enable them to have a holistic understanding of governance.

Course Outline

  • GEIT Framework
    • Key governance concepts and componentsBalanced Score Card (BSC)
      • Defining governance
      • Goals & objectives
      • Basic concepts
      • History & evolution
    • The governance process:  Evaluate, Direct, Monitor (EDM)
    • IT management issues & challenges relating to governance
    • Frameworks and standards
    • Control practices & assurance steps for enforcing governance
    • Fundamental principles supporting governance
    • Drivers & inhibitors of success 
  • Strategic Alignment
    • Enterprise mission, objectives, culture, economic & business environment
    • Business objectives & goals alignment to facilitate IT governance
    • Structure, operational frameworks, systems, & culture impacts on strategic alignment
    • IT governance stakeholders, roles & responsibilities
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Value & risk drivers, control practices, & assurance steps 
  • Benefits Realization
    • Total quality management (TQM), value governance, & IT investment management best practices
    • Manage & report on the IT investment process
    • Components of an enterprise governance business case
    • Optimizing solution & service delivery
    • Value delivery frameworks 
  • Risk Optimization
    • The risk management process
    • Integration of risk governance at the strategic, program, project, & operation levels
    • Risk management standards, frameworks, & best practices
    • Risks, threats, & vulnerabilities inherent in the use of IT
    • Using IT resources to address risks
    • Assessment methods, techniques, & reporting
    • Risk mitigation strategies
    • Stakeholder analysis & communication techniques
    • Establishing Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) 
  • Resource Optimization
    • Business & IT resource management best practices including planning methodology & guidance
    • Skill & technology mix for IT positions within an enterprise to facilitate IT governance
    • Human resource training, assessment, & optimization best practices
    • Outsourcing & off-shoring best practices
    • Business strengths & weaknesses that impact resource management
    • Strategies & planning techniques to correct & avoid issues
    • Evaluation methods to determine sound resource management practices
    • Performance Measurement
    • Capability & maturity models
    • Continuous improvement methods 
  • GEIT Implementation  
    • Governance implementation as a major change
    • Implementation methodology
      • COBIT 5 Implementation
      • Kotter’s life cycle
      • Lewin approach 

*Topics and activities will be tuned to the audience.

The target audience:

  • Enterprise Architects, Domain architects such as Java/JEE architect, MS Architect, ERP/SAP Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Data Architect, Security Architect etc.
  • Consultants (Business consultants, IT consultants etc.)
  • Architect Manager, Senior IT managers, Head of IT etc.

Take away for the participants:

  • 4 days of class room training
  • Hard copy of the course material
  • Practice exams in the class room 

We deliver CGEIT exam preparatory training across the globe. Enquire the open house schedule or for corporate batches. 

The CGEIT qualification details from ISACA website.

CGEIT® is a registered trademark of ISACA